Ardex Butyseal

Ardex Butyseal 1.5mm Retrofit Waterproofing Membrane System


Heavy Duty Butynol Membrane

Ardex Butyseal is a high performance 1.5mm synthetic rubber membrane based on the genuine butynol technology combined with a geotextile backing.

  • BRANZ Appraised
  • E2/AS1 Acceptable Solution
  • High puncture resistance
  • Ability to be used over a wide range of substrates
  • Can be adhered directly to failed bitumen and other failed membranes.




Download Ardex Butyseal Datasheet

Special Features of Butyseal

Cost effective - The fibre backing provides a protective underside barrier that allows application over a wide range of surfaces, including existing membranes and bitumen.

Extra strength, high puncture, tear and impact resistance.

Retains flexibility and is not stressed in any way by the backing or inhibited to compensate for building movement.

Ability to be loose laid over surfaces with moisture content. No delays with uncured slabs, water vapour can dissipate without causing stress to the membrane.

Quick Application - The system is fully bonded using ARDEX WA98 contact adhesive. ARDEX BUTYSEAL can also be loose laid and ballasted.

ARDEX BUTYSEAL is unaffected by thermal shock and UV rays.

The fibre backing allows the membrane to take up minor undulations in the substrate, particularly useful when applied over existing membrane systems.

ARDEX BUTYSEAL can be applied to XPS using suitable adhesives.

ARDEX BUTYSEAL can be applied onto Polyurethane Foams, providing an instantly suitable substrate with insulation properties. 


ARDEX BUTYSEAL is a roofing system designed primarily for the retrofit of existing membrane systems. The membrane incorporates a fibre backing which is laminated to the underside of the sheet membrane. This fleece provides an excellent means of ventilation for the membrane as well as increasing the puncture resistance of the membrane.

Product Warranty

ARDEX BUTYSEAL is covered by a 20 years material warranty available from ARDEX following installation by an approved Applicator.

Acceptable Substrates

Structural concrete, Plywood, Modified bitumen roofs, Malthoid, Tongue and grooved or butt joined sarking, Polyurethane foams, Nuralite, Nuraply, Shelterbit, Butynol, Bituclad, bituFLAME, Casali, Hitchins Torch-on, Nuplex Torch-on, Jaydex Torch-on, Viking Torch-on, Butylclad, Sika Sarnafil, ecoTUFF, Enviroclad, EPDM, PVC, TPO, TPE, Viapol Torch-on, Liquid Membranes, Chevaline Dexx, Equus Torch-on, FFR-K1, Mapeplan TPO/FPO and earth formed dams. Substrate bonding is achieved with a variety of specially developed adhesives.


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